Avoid waste – use your freezer wisely

Did you know that you can freeze almost anything and keep it fresh? It is one way that you can save food from rotting. Which in turn, cuts down on waste and you won’t feel guilty.
If you find a good deal on bread and want to buy several loaves, make sure you leave one out and freeze the rest. Thaw the loaf about a day before using it. Did you know you could do the same with cookies? Bananas can be frozen and this prevents them from over-ripening. The skin may turn black, but the fruit is fresh. Leftovers can be frozen and reheated in the microwave. Just imagine not having to cook dinner for one evening.

Buying frozen vegetables can often be cheaper than fresh. And they often taste fresher than the tinned. They can be thawed under running cold water and used as fresh.

Meat and fish are often found frozen. Though we buy frozen fish in large packs, I have yet to find a way to cook them so that they taste like fresh. But I still enjoy them. When we buy fresh fish and meat and do not think that we will use them in the next day or two, we will freeze them. This makes them last much longer.

Though many are in the habit of shopping on a frequent basis to get fresh foods, we have found that we do not have enough time on our hands to do this. We usually shop once a week for everything we need that week. We have learned to use our freezer to keep things still fresh at the end of the week.

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