Camping out, a cheap and memorable thrill

If anyone wants to save money on accommodations while travelling, there are several options. One of the cheapest is obviously, camping out. This, of course, necessitates either a backpacking trip or driving.

Backpacking can be fun if you’re young and fit, because you will be carrying everything on your back. However, once you’ve set up your camp, you’re free to wander around using public transportation. Driving gives the added freedom of having a means of transport at your complete disposal.

There are campgrounds to be found around the UK and Europe. The cost of pitching a tent for a group is very cheap – you can stay for a week at the price of a room for a night. If you are travelling solo, it might be lonesome camping on your own. Not only that, places that charge per person may turn out to be more convenient.

Some campgrounds include parks and fishing ponds, so that activities can be planned right on the campground. This is a delight for young children. Children are much more adventurous and would enjoy camping trips. It is a great lesson in economy and simple, basic living amongst nature. Temperamental weather only adds to the experience, making it quite memorable.

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