Charity, not thrift, shops

Charity shops are another option for second-hand, and sometimes even new, goods. In Britain, there are numerous charitable organizations that have an affiliated high street shop. These organizations run the gamut from local charities benefitting the elderly and children to national organizations for different hospices and medical groups to international groups for different cultural groups.
The goods found in these shops range from clothes to household items, music, books, furniture, etc. You can also find new items, usually Fair Trade items and others produced in Third World countries. It is obvious that the second hand goods are donated items from the public sector; however, it is unclear whether the new items are donated for the benefit of the charities.

Although some may liken the charity shops to thrift stores, their prices are not always very “thrifty”. New items are priced similar to other high street shops selling similar items. Used items, although relatively inexpensive as compared to new, are priced higher than would be expected in a “thrift store”.

Charity shops are meant to benefit their own charities. They are not there for the convenience and support of the common man who may be of meager means. Knowing that you are supporting a good cause is the underlying principle of these shops.

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