Finding good value in dining out

When dining out, it is always advisable to find best quality and quantity for the money. With the recession, we find that dining out is a luxury that we cannot afford too frequently. However, there are circumstances beyond our control when we are on the road and have not packed enough food for the day. Or, at other times, when we intend to be out and cannot pack dinner.
One such occasion occurred not too long ago when we decided to attend a pantomime in Eastbourne. We planned to find a small café for a quick dinner before the performance. However, once we arrived, it was difficult to find any place to eat. We opted for an Italian restaurant near the theatre because the kids wanted pizza. As it turned out, it was a good choice. The restaurant was Pomodoro e Mozzarella. Not only was the food and very reasonably priced, the servings were large. The kids each had a pizza and it was not a personal size you might get at the local pizza take-out. It was as large as a dinner plate. I was afraid the kids could not finish (they normally don‘t), but they were very hungry and the food was good, so most of it was consumed. Our dinners were in good portions as well and we were quite stuffed. We had each chosen a three-course meal as a Christmas special. Our total bill was only 30 GBP. It was a very good price to pay for filling our stomachs.

This restaurant definitely deserves a recommendation for quality, quantity and price. It was also family-friendly. The Pomodoro e Mozzarella Pizzeria ristorante can be found at 23/24 Cornfield Terrace in Eastbourne. You can also visit them at


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