Ham and Pasta Salad with Mango Chutney

Inspired by the various pasta salads which we dined on during our journey before we became “settled”, this is an easy and versatile salad.  Because the ingredients are fairly cheap, we find that we have this salad frequently for lunch.  As with any recipe, you can adapt your own tastes by substituting the ingredients. 

Specifically, we used a bag (500g) of pasta twists, two tins of chopped ham and pork, a jar of mango chutney, almost half a bottle of salad cream (the 400g bottle), some carrots and celery, and a jar of pickled onions.  I am not a chef, just a mother, so I when I create my own dishes, I tend to measure to taste.  I also prefer to make big batches, so that we have extra helpings for leftovers on another day.

Directions:  Boil the pasta as directed.  Slice the tinned chopped ham into thin strips.  Grate about a cupful of carrots and chop up a couple stalks of celery.  Mix all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.  Add more salad cream if desired or required.  You want to make sure you cover all the pasta, otherwise, it may be quite stodgy.  Enjoy.

This recipe makes about 4 servings.  These are “our” servings, not the recommended servings.  If you measure based upon the amount the grocery stores sell as a serving, it would probably be about 8 servings.  If you were to buy 8 servings of pasta at the stores, it would cost you anywhere between 8-10 GBP.  But the ingredients above (pasta – 39p, ham – 45p each, chutney – 89p, pickled onion – 86p, salad cream – 45p, carrots – 25p, celery – 50p) add up to less than 5 GBP.  Prices are based on our regular shopping at Morrison’s.

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