Hard to find free parking in Royal Tunbridge Wells

If you’re planning on visiting Tunbridge Wells, be aware that you’ll most likely need to pay for parking. Relative to smaller towns, bigger cities, like Tunbridge Wells, charge more for parking at their Pay and Display lots. In addition, these charges also apply on Sundays. Perhaps, it is because they have more shops open on Sundays; therefore, more people are likely to be out and about. Smaller towns have few shops that will open Sunday; therefore, their fee parking becomes free.
The most convenient parking lot is the Victoria Place shopping mall. There are other lots nearby but if you want convenience for the sake of shopping, Victoria Place is the place to be.

Free parking is available but you really have to drive around to find them. They are found around the neighborhoods, which can mean a long walk. The parking is also very tight, so you’ll need to be adept at parallel parking to squeeze in. The driving around can be wasteful on your petrol as well. Keep those considerations in mind.

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