Haywards Heath available parking

When we are in Haywards Heath, we try to park in the little stretch of free parking on Church Street. However, spaces are not always available, so we have to drive around to find some. We quickly realized that we’re just wasting gas, which ends up being more than what we would have paid for parking. Therefore, we developed a plan. If we drive up and find no free parking on the street, we immediately go into the short-term Pay and Display lot.

Free parking in Haywards Heath is so limited. Church Street allows free parking for 2 hours but no return for 4 hours. South Street allows 30 minute parking with no return in one hour. The library has only 2 spaces, offering 1 hour of free parking with no return in one hour. Behind the library is the town council offices and there are some parking allotted to visitors to the council offices and a small lot for shared use of the library and council offices. These allow for 2 hours parking. If you don’t mind a long walk, there is a large parking lot at Sainsbury’s, down by the railway station. There is no sign of the lot being monitored in any way, but you’ll need to be careful not to abuse the privilege.

There are several Pay and Display parking lots in town, with one offering long stay parking (more than 4 hours). The long stay lot is near the hospital, on the southeast side of town. We usually use Orchard Mall parking lot since it is convenient to our destinations.

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