House clearance shops

Another option for second-hand shopping is the house clearance shops. These are especially useful for buying furniture and appliances.
Unfortunately, in these credit-crunching days, more and more people are losing their homes and possessions. Others are taking advantage of the situation and setting up house clearing businesses. These businesses thrive from people going bankrupt because they have to sell off everything. Of course, they are not the only ones who are clearing entire households. Sometimes, it’s because someone has died or moving away and don’t want their stuff. These house clearers pay very little (if at all) for the stock and resell it in shops, usually at low prices. Some house clearance businesses will separate the wheat from the chaff and sell the good stuff at much higher prices. However, they are still worth checking out because thrift stores are practically non-existent.

Although auctions exist for antiques and property in the UK, it has not spread to the contents of an entire household. A house clearance business in essence is like a household auction, except that there is only one buyer. That buyer then takes it out and resells the items to the public.

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