Lidl’s shopping

Lidl’s (sounds like, Little’s)

Neither of us had ever heard of Lidl’s before. My mother-in-law actually introduced us to it. Lidl’s is a German-based grocery store that offers many products from various EU countries. It reminds me a little of Aldi’s (also found in the UK). Whereas Aldi’s sold things in bulk, Lidl’s is mostly for smaller consumption.
Lidl’s is a small store, selling a little of almost everything, but not a lot of any one thing. Selection is, obviously, limited. Yet, the prices are quite incredibly affordable. It definitely caters to the working class. You can get brand name products from other EU countries without having to pay the high prices. There are a few generics, but they are not common. (We bought generic body gel for 13 pence – can you top that? – and no, we did not break out into rashes.)
Before we became settled, we were able to shop at Lidl’s for only 35-40 pounds sterling a week. That fed our family of four. Unfortunately, once we became a little more settled, there were other expenses to consider and our spending went up a bit. That is why we have learned to shop around for the best prices on practically everything. Lidl’s still plays a big part in our normal weekly routine but we have added a few other shops to our limited list in order to supplement our growing needs.

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