Mooncup – the menstrual cup: have we gone too far?

The European Union is completely obsessed with being green. This emphasis is brought home very adamantly in the UK. Everywhere you turn, there are signs advertising different ways to make the environment greener. Advice on reducing carbon emission can be found practically anywhere. Imagine my surprise when I used a public toilet to find advertisements on the new Mooncup, designed to eliminate the need for tampons or pads.
What is this? It is a reusable menstrual cup made from silicone rubber. Come again? That’s right. A reusable menstrual cup. No longer will you need to use pads or tampons, which are not biodegradable; therefore, the amount of rubbish produced will be significantly reduced. The cup is designed to fit around the cervix and can hold up to 30ml. Once full, it can be removed and washed and reapplied. According to their advertisement, it is completely safe, without risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. The silicone rubber is supposed to be extremely comfortable and durable. It is also cost-effective. With all this to recommend it, I am surprised more women have not rushed to buy it.

I, for one, am not in a rush. I question how comfortable such a device could be, not to mention the concern that it is fitting on properly. And what happens while I am washing the cup? Will I need to wear a pad or something? What about allergic reactions? How can one be certain there is no risk of infections associated with use of a device that is inserted and reinserted internally, over time? Sorry, this goes a little too far for the green campaign.

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