Morrison’s, a new way to save

Having been an ardent Walmart shopper, we have found it very difficult to find a single entity in the UK that fulfilled all our needs as our local Walmart did in the US. Although we have found multiple shops that together form a good substitute, the amount of driving to each of these shops individually reduces the amount of discount that each provides. Nevertheless, any amount of savings is worth it.

I had never heard of Morrison’s until one day I had a discussion with my mother-in-law about the various grocery stores, and how I no longer see any Safeways. She told me the story of how Morrison’s took over. Oddly enough, a few days later, we were driving through Crowborough and found a Morrison’s petrol garage (gas station ,for us Yanks). We had not noticed it before. Also, we did not realize that the grocery store was behind it. We did not discover that until some time later, when we were shopping in the town and I needed to find a toilet. I saw the signs for Morrison’s, went up a flight of stairs and found myself on another level, at the Morrison’s car park.

We didn’t start shopping Morrison’s right away. At the time, we still shopped mostly at Lidl’s. However, one day we needed something that Lidl’s did not carry, so we went over to Morrison’s. It was an eye-opener because we found some things that were cheaper than Lidl’s. Shortly after, we did some price and taste comparisons. It turned out that Morrison’s generic brand, namely Morrison’s Value, was cheaper on many items, especially canned goods. In addition, we did not sacrifice on taste. Soon, we were discovering values on many other items, including some frozen goods, like sausages.

Although Morrison’s has been invaluable, we have found that prices vary quite a bit from time to time between the several places we shop. Therefore, we need to keep an eye out for specials everywhere we go. We still cannot rely on one place to give us the best prices all the time.

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