Morrison’s rewards card

We’ve mentioned the supermarket chain Morrison’s before on this blog, in particular how they offer great value for money on weekly grocery shopping. 

Our local Morrison’s has a Morrison’s gas station, not quite attached, but nearby and they offer petrol at a rate that is comparable to, and often below, neighboring stations.  Until recently, we’d been using Morrison’s some of the time to buy our gas and others stations as and when we needed it. 

On a late evening visit, we got talking to the counter clerk and asked about the small yellow card many people present when paying for their petrol.  It turns out Morrison’s run a reward scheme based on purchases made at their gas stations.  For each purchase, the customer is rewarded with a proportionate number of points and when the points total reaches 5000, automatically qualifies for a GBP 5.00 voucher for use in Morrison’s supermarkets.

Since Morrison’s gas prices are invariably competitive, we now buy all our gas at Morrison’s and have already claimed and spent our first reward voucher.

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