Parking in Burgess Hill

We drove around Burgess Hill several times before discovering that there was a multi-tier Pay and Display car park adjoined to the Martlets. After parking there numerous times and shopping in the connecting mall, we accidentally stumbled into the Waitrose (a grocery store) parking lot meter. Seeing that their prices were cheaper than the mall lot, we decided to use it. Unfortunately, others had already discovered that it was cheaper, so the lot is usually quite full. Also Waitrose car park is an open lot so a little less desirable on wet and windy days if you have children or a full load of shopping.

Instead of paying ahead at a meter that does not dispense change, you get a button with a microchip embedded that records your entry time. When you are ready to leave, you insert the button into the pay machine and it calculates your charge.  You pay and it gives change. More recently, we have driven in to the lot and discovered that the meter was broken. So we ended up parking for free a few times.  We have yet to discover any free parking in Burgess Hill.

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