Politicians need to lead by example

Is the MP expense row over, do you think?  I’ve been following it with great interest.  It’s unbelievable to see how many of us are struggling to cope with the recession, being unemployed, trying to just get by, finding ways to save money here and there, while those who are much better off are abusing public money.  It’s no surprise that the public is outraged.  And for some to say that the media has blown it out of proportion is completely unfeeling.

Of course, the well-off are probably not going to care much, but you have over two million unemployed people who are frustrated and they will be extremely upset by the paper’s revelations.  I’m glad the politicians finally realise how shallow they are.  Some of them need to go back to their constituents and learn to live like them.

Mr. Cameron suggests that we enter a new era of thrift.  So, can they lead by example and show us how to save?  The car scrappage scheme won’t work for many of us.  We have our beat up rust-buckets that we can barely maintain with the rising fuel costs.  But it’s better that we pay the fuel only, rather than take on a new car loan when we don’t have a job to pay for the loan.  Please, how else can you help us poor constituents?  You’ll need to be very creative to get our votes in the next election.

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