Rationing to combat recession

During the war years and the depression, many families learned how to be thrifty. Of course, the government helped by creating a rationing system. Because of the growing recession, some people have advocated that we institute some form of rationing.

I think it might be a good idea, as it will also teach young children about the importance of saving, of making-do rather than buying anything and everything their heart desires. It teaches them to value things. It might also teach them to eat healthier. At school, my kids have learned about war-time rationing and all the posters from WWII. Many of them advocated the importance of nutrition. Yet, they have not taken those lessons to heart because of the society they live in. If they were really hungry and only had vegetables to snack on, rather than all those unhealthy crisps and sweets, they might develop a taste for healthy foods.

But it is not just in food that rationing and the depression mentality would affect. It is also fuel and clothes. Women back then had to mend their own clothes, to keep them as long as they could. Sometimes, they were able to alter them a bit to make them more fashionable. Unfortunately, sewing and mending are somewhat lost arts. And women are not as creative in their fashion style as they used to be. Of course, the styles were simpler back then and I wouldn’t mind returning to them.

The fuel rationing might be rather problematic. Some of us have to travel quite a distance to go to work or school and public transport is not always easily available for these trips. It may be that we would have to live closer to work and/or school, but that is not always possible because housing might not be available, places at school might not be available, and right now, jobs are not readily available.

It would be interesting if the government does introduce some form of rationing to help us combat the recession. It may be another one of those “green” efforts.

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