Royal Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery is free

England is full of historical places. Unfortunately, to offset costs, many of these places charge fees for entry. On a tight budget, it makes it difficult to enjoy England’s attractions. Therefore, it makes sense to find as many free attractions as possible. The Royal Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery is one of them.

The museum in Tunbridge Wells displays the city’s history, especially in terms of their wares. Also to be found are taxidermists’ displays of native wildlife, including badgers, coypu, hedgehogs, porcupine, etc., and butterflies and moths. Gems and minerals are represented in the same room with the wildlife. Another room was dedicated to dolls and toys and early working tools. For children, the museum provide question/worksheets to help them enjoy the displays. At certain times of the year, they also have outdoor activities for children and adults to learn about wildlife.

Across the hall from the museum is the art gallery. It displays local art work based on varying themes. Both the art gallery and museum are small, but they are worth a visit. Their current opening hours are from 10-4 Monday to Sunday. They are located in the Town Hall building, above the library.

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