Save at Jumble Sales

Another great way to shop for second hand goods is at Jumble Sales. These are set up by charity groups, such as churches or Boy Scouts. Some can be quite good. Unfortunately, the number of Jumble Sales have decreased over the years as the population in Britain has changed; therefore, the communities and cultures have changed. Jumble Sales are similar to Rummage Sales or Trash to Treasure Sales in the US, except their prices are not marked and items are just piled up rather than spread out.

Jumbles are usually advertised locally, but you can also find them in newspapers and magazines, such as the Friday Ads. These would be under the “What’s On” section. If you want to find Jumbles in areas outside where you live, you will need to look there.

Jumble items are donated by private individuals, usually the members of the organizations. All proceeds would go to the designated charity. Sometimes, especially near Christmas, there will be tables selling new items for those Christmas shoppers. These charities may also have raffles to raise money. The prices at Jumbles are usually quite low and are made up on the spot by the workers. Some haggling can be found, but for the most part, people will pay the price or refuse the item. Jumbles provide the double advantage of giving you low prices and you know that your money goes directly to the charity.

For the most part, Jumbles are well-attended. You practically have to elbow your way in to see items on a table. Sometimes, there is a mad dash at the end as the organizers try to get rid of everything and sell at rock-bottom prices.

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