Saving on international calls

If you have relatives abroad, it makes sense to get calling cards with cheap rates. Unfortunately, in the UK, BT and other smaller phone companies charge exorbitant fees for calling internationally. They try to entice you with international plans that save you money on the phone bills but it only adds to your cost with questionable benefits.
If you are one of those who call international numbers on a frequent basis, such that you spend more than 5GBP a month, then go ahead and choose the premium international plan with BT. But make sure that you get your money’s worth. Compare the rates with calling card rates and if it is better, than stick with BT – you’ll probably have fewer headaches. This plan only applies to certain countries. BT’s other international plan lets you pay a lower monthly premium, but they charge you a discounted rate for each call.

Calling card companies have taken advantage of the fact that the telephone companies are still charging too much for international calls as well as mobile calls. But there are many different cards from many different companies and choosing the right one for you means looking and comparing. You need to check on the calling rates, maintenance fees, connection fees, billing increments, and expiration time.

Don’t be fooled simply by the rate per call. The ones with the lowest rate may also have the highest fees. Some charge weekly or monthly maintenance fees for use and/or charge for connection. In addition, they bill at larger increments, such as four minutes. So, that quick 30-second call will be charged at 4 minutes. You’ve just wasted 3.5 minutes. Some cards require that you use up the minutes in a certain length of time, such as 14 days or 30 days.

Saving on phone costs makes financial sense. Review your phone records and see how much you spend on international calls. Work out the rate and consider either joining your phone company’s international plans or even getting a calling card.

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