Selling off that good, reliable car

That little car has served you well.  It’s been with you through thick and thin.  It’s like a loyal pet or a best friend.  Now you have to consider parting with it.  It’s hard to say goodbye, but you need to consider your pocketbook.  If you are looking to sell your car, there are several things you can do to help increase its value. Or, at least, to get the best price possible. Unfortunately, the best that you can do is to maintain a service history, and unless you have kept this up with a good record, you cannot change it. Having said that, if your car has been maintained well, it will definitely show in the performance when someone takes it for a test drive.

However, to make it appear to advantage, a good clean, inside and out, before it is viewed will make a good impression. Any small repairs to the bodywork should be undertaken. Make a list of any known faults and if it can be corrected without costing you an arm and a leg, or which would not exceed the cost of the car, try to fix it. If you are planning to see your car for only a few hundred, it might not be worth the effort. Make sure that the list is available in case any prospective buyer wishes to know. Showing that you are honest about any faults will engender trust and gives the buyer the impression that he/she is not being ripped off.

Be sure to have all MOT, tax and insurance up-to-date. If the MOT or tax are due soon, go ahead and take care of it so that the buyer will not have to worry about it. They will also be more likely to want it if they do not feel they have to put money in immediately after the purchase.

Be realistic about your price. There are guides available to valuate the price of a car, given its make, model and condition. Stay around the ballpark and be ready for some haggling. If you want to attract more attention, market your car. Advertise in the papers and on the internet, not just on your car. If possible, include a good picture. Some advertising papers may offer free advertising service.

With the recession, it is best to keep that old car until it is no longer serviceable. However, if you have more than one vehicle, it would make sense to downsize. Choosing which vehicle to sell and which to keep is a personal decision. Yet, try to be practical. In these times, people are less likely to buy a more expensive car. But, they will be willing to pay money for a good used car that will not be too expensive to maintain. Also, consider your needs and which car will satisfy that need best.

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