Free WiFi in Uckfield

If you are mobile near Uckfield in East Sussex and need to jump on the Internet then we’ve found the connection in the local Costa Coffee in the main street is very reliable. In fact, we prefer this Costa to the one in neighbouring Haywards Heath largely because it seems more spacious and less noisy. The Internet connection is quite fast and reliable.

Across the street from Costa is the public library which also has free Internet and reliable computers. Just behind the library, there is a large car park offering free parking.

Free WiFi Hotspots in an Unexpected Place

New uses for McDonald’s! Eleven years ago, my friends and I took an extended European vacation. As most people are aware, free public restrooms were rare in Europe at the time (they may be still, but I have not been back to continental Europe since). We soon discovered that McDonald’s was very useful for bathroom breaks. None of us were regular patrons of McDonald’s, so our breaks consisted of running to the bathroom and out. It was less embarrassing to ask, “Where’s the nearest McDonald’s?” in any language than it is to figure out how to ask, “Where’s the WC?”. And in conversations, it was more pleasant to say, “I need a McDonald’s”.

Now, I am back in England and have found a new use for McDonald’s. And, no, it is still not the food. I don’t recall that McDonald’s offered free WiFi in the US, but they do here in the UK. I am unsure if it is the case at all McDonald’s, but it is in our area of East and West Sussex – East Grinstead, Uckfield and Burgess Hill. And you don’t even have to actually go in and eat in the McDonald’s. You have to beware, though, because there may be a time restriction on parking in some McDonald’s lot.