Long live cheap shower gel

For the past two years, we have tried to live as frugally as possible.  Some people might think we’re absolutely crazy in our thriftiness, but it has served us well.  Recently, I reflected that one of the things we have saved money on is shower gel.  Yes, shower gel.  I know some would laugh about a blog post extolling the merits of saving money on shower gel, but here it is.

Most of my friends, relatives and acquaintances would buy their favourite brand of shower gel without thinking twice about it.  They trust the brand name, they love the various fragrances, they don’t mind paying for the expensive advertising.

However, they miss the whole point of saving money.  We buy the generic shower gel, price ranging from 6p to 13p a bottle.  But don’t let the price fool you.  The soap does lather up.  It does its job more than adequately.  In addition, everyone in our family has sensitive skin – we all suffer from some allergy or another – yet, none of us have broken out in rashes using cheap shower gel.  Sure, you won’t find variety in fragrances, but is that very important?  Fragrances can cause allergic reactions.  No, it does not leave us feeling like we have baby-soft skin, but we still feel clean.